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Full Service Property Management

We manage Condo's, Townhome's, Single Family Homes, Multi Family Properties and Commercial Properties

  • Are you currently self managing and spending a lot of free time doing so?

  • Is your current manager a Certified Property Manager?

  • Have you inspected the property to ensure it conforms with MDE?

  • Are you struggling with rent collections?

  • Have you confirmed that your smoke detectors conform to the current laws?

  • Do you have issues tracking rental income and property related expenses?

  • Are vendors treating you fairly and providing competitive pricing?

  • Have you experienced a need for court action to enforce tenant payments?

Property Management Lifecycle
Listing and Leasing
Tenant Move In and Property Documentation
Property Maintenance 
Tenant Move Out / Turnover
Property Accounting and Owner Financials

We provide a positive experience via a proactive approach to your asset which helps to address and avoid issues before they become a financial burden.   Consistent communication between all parties generates efficient and timely action to help improve return on investment.  

Do you only provide full service management?

No! In addition to full service management we also offer accounting services, listing/leasing only services, property inspection services and more. Contact us to find out how we can provide you with customized service.

What are the first steps?

We will meet with you to discuss your specific owner goals for the property.  During this meeting we will obtain information to help identify target monthly rental amounts and will assist you with suggestions on maintenance or improvements prior to tenant occupancy.  We will also review the management process and answer your questions to provide peace of mind.

How much are management fees and leasing fees?

For residential properties our monthly management fee is 8% of collected rents and the leasing fee is equal to one months rent for a 12 month lease. Commercial properties are evaluated on a case by case basis for management and leasing fees.

What is the tenant screening process?

Prospective tenants complete a detailed application and are subject to a nationwide criminal and eviction search, credit check, employment and income verification as well as a verification of rental status with their current landlord.  Property owners are provided with a detailed breakdown of any application and have final approval for approved tenants.

Should I allow pets in my residential rental?

Barring any issues with pet allergies we suggest considering pets on a case by case basis.  Not considering pets eliminates 50%+ of the potential tenant pool.  Approved pets would require an increased security deposit.

How are property repairs handled?

Routine repairs are handled at no additional cost.  We have relationships with local vendors who provide excellent service in a timely manner at the best possible price.  Owners are responsible for certain repairs and tenants are responsible for specific items as well as routine maintenance.  Tenants are always 100% responsible for repairs caused by negligence.

What steps need to be taken prior to renting my home?

We will review your property in detail to ensure it is ready for occupancy.  As part of this process we determine if a rental license may be required due to location, if the property is subject to lead testing per MDE requirements and we will ensure the property complies with the current laws regarding smoke detectors.​​

How often will my property be inspected?

We complete a detailed written report of the property which is backed up with photos prior to a tenant taking occupancy.   On average we complete property inspections approximately four times annually.

Will I receive regular updates and how much involvement will I have as a Landlord?

We communicate with owners at least once monthly to provide financial updates and distribute funds.  Should the property require repairs we will notify you as we become aware of the issue and keep you up to date throughout the repair process.  We want our clients to always be fully aware of what is occurring at their property without having to do any heavy lifting.

Interested in obtaining a free market analysis on what your property would rent for?

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